Book: Why More Mormons Should Be Democrats


The 2016 election cycle has been and will be like none other. With the rise of Donald Trump, many Mormons who have traditionally voted Republican are wondering if that party can still represent them.

Actually, the Republican Party hasn’t accurately represented our beliefs for years.

And I’ve written an entire book explaining why.

Why More Mormons Should Be Democrats and Why America Should Pay Attention is now available as an ebook on Amazon. Its fabulous cover was done by the wonderful Michelle Argyle:


This book examines current political issues through the lens of LDS doctrine and Church policy and practice. It will show that the Democratic Party is actually closer to the Church’s stance than the Republican Party on:

  • Education
  • Caring for the poor
  • Progressive taxes
  • Financial commandments
  • Business regulations
  • Science and R & D
  • Environmental issues
  • Foreign policy
  • Immigration and refugees
  • Voter ID laws
  • Finding compromises

And on the two issues where Republicans are closer to Church policy and doctrine—abortion and gay marriage—they’re not as close to the Church as most Mormons think.

No matter where you stand on religion or the political spectrum, Why More Mormons Should Be Democrats will give you food for thought. Left-leaning Mormons will find their views validated by doctrine. Right-leaning Mormons will discover that their ward members can have left-leaning stances in harmony with the Gospel, not in opposition to it. Non-members will see a side of Church members that they might not have known existed. Everyone who reads this book will have some important things to discuss with those on the other side.


Award-winning author Robison Wells said:

I remember attending a devotional at BYU where Senator Harry Reid spoke. He said “I am not a Democrat in spite of being Mormon; I am a Democrat because I am a Mormon.” I feel the same way, and Daniel Friend’s book, Why More Mormons Should Be Democrats dives into this concept head first, showing, with scripture and the words of modern-day prophets and apostles, how Mormon doctrine is fully compatible with Democratic policies. This down-to-earth, reasoned approach is a must read for Mormons of any political stripe.

Richard Davis, BYU political science professor and author, said:

Very interesting read . . . An important counterpoint to the extensive literature on the linkage between LDS doctrine and conservative or even libertarian politics.

The book is now available as an ebook on Amazon for $3.99. So please, read it, review it, and tell your friends about it! There is nothing better you can do for an author than reviewing a book on Amazon and sharing a link to it on social media!